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Mom Fashion

When you see me out and about town, I probably look, to you, severely lacking in style. My fashion choices are questionable, and I seem to be blissfully unaware of trends or even hygiene. I assure you, that is not … Continue reading

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Seven Decidedly Normal Fashions That Could Get You in Big Trouble

Looking around at the working and school world, it seems to me there are an awful lot of rules about what one should and shouldn’t wear, and some of them, honestly, are downright ridiculous.   In this world of third-wave feminism, … Continue reading

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Slice of Life – Hats

So, as we were moving, I came across my old fedora that I’d bought in San Diego in 2007 one day when I was feeling sassy. It’s rad, but I never wear it anymore because at 30 years old, being … Continue reading

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Shoe Slice

You know those Facebook photos that are supposed to make you feel bad about your life? The ones with the camera-angled legs tapering down to perfectly pedicured toes in front of a majestic ocean view? Enough, I say, of the silly, … Continue reading

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Girl Child? Rock It!

I am amazed to announce that yet again, I disagree with something published in Jezebel. What is this, twice in one week? Unheard of. Still, I didn’t really like the tone of the excerpt of “Woman Child” as presented in … Continue reading

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Bikini Bottom

So, I think this is cute. There, I said it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this child or her outfit. She is four months old, and she’s adorable. There’s nothing sexy about her. She’s a baby. Most babies wear … Continue reading

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Purses – Then and Now

Remember your old handbags? Remember the days when clutches were an option? The days when you had the leisure time to match a purse to an outfit? Designs and fabrics and strap length to be determined at your whim?   … Continue reading

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Just Alike

On the average day, we get a lot of this: “They’re close in age, aren’t they?” or “Are they twins?” I’m always a bit confused at this, since, to me, they’re obviously twins, identical at that. I’ll answer with a … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 42: Make Mommy Fashion Work for You

Usually I do ways to trick your baby and ways your baby tricks you…I thought I’d change it up this week and give a few tips on dressing with the “floop” as one of my friends so graciously refers to … Continue reading

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Moment of the Week – 41: Who Wore It Best?

The babies found my old fedora the other day, begging the question: Who wore it best? Dulce   Natalina What do you think? I can’t decide! And if you could do me the biggest favor and click on this button … Continue reading

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