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How to Be Okay with Yourself

We are all broken. But we are all beautiful. And no one in the world is better than you are. Who you are, right now, in this very moment, as you read this, is beautiful. You belong here. And you … Continue reading

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Woman Gives Out Fat Shaming Notes to Kids so She’s Not Seen as the ‘Mean Lady’ — Oh.

Perhaps by now you’ve seen this? Now, you might this this is some spoof out to rile the social justice warriors. I admit, I wasn’t sure at first. But no. This is a real note, courtesy of Cheryl from Fargo, … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Pretty

You know that Dove Campaign that everyone loved for a hot second before everyone hated it? This one, where the artist sketches a portrait of a woman based on her own description of herself, and then sketches another portrait based … Continue reading

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A New Year of Fail Won’t Hold Me Back

It is January the fourth. I set out a bunch of resolutions and have not yet followed one of them. I have, however, – eaten all the Christmas goodies– eaten a large bag of Cheetohs– stayed up too late reading … Continue reading

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Cookies and Communication

This morning, my girls were discussing the cookie-making we’re going to do this afternoon. Dulce wants to make chocolate chip cookies. Natalina wants to make sprinkled cookies. We’re making peanut butter cookies…because I’m the mom and I don’t care what … Continue reading

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Just Keep Swimming

I passed the GRE yesterday. I studied for two days over the weekend. I can’t believe I passed. But I did. So now I get to go to grad school. Wait, wait. There’s a moral to this story. So many … Continue reading

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Guest Post – On Stoking Passion

First tip for following your passions and making them happen: Never get bored. There is always something to do. I never let myself get in that mind-dumbing state. I either read or I pick up a new trade. I was … Continue reading

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Self

Two years ago, I had a slight moment of fame. I was driving to work (yeah, I used to work!) and on my 45-minute commute, I heard the morning DJ ask a question. “If you could either be America’s Next … Continue reading

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Using Babies for Adult Messages: Don’t Do It

Something crossed my tumblr yesterday that really bothered me. It took me a while to place what my problem was, since I agreed with the overall message, assumedly being that women shouldn’t concentrate so hard on being thin. Whoever posted … Continue reading

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Why I Will Continue to Tell my Daughters that They’re Beautiful

Quite a while ago now, Lisa Bloom, blogger for the Huffington Post, wrote a piece outlining why we need to stop focusing on appearance in little girls. She made a lot of good points, and it gave me a lot … Continue reading

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