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Target Targets Pregnant Women

You’re pregnant! How do you break the news? Some women buy baby balloons. If there’s a child already, they can put him or her in a big brother / big sister shirt. Some women actually bake buns and put them … Continue reading

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What Is Up with Sizing?

I don’t know what size I am. This is not because I’ve changed size. I’ve been the same weight and shape, basically, since my teens. Now, I started out in a size 10-12, but I wore my clothing much looser … Continue reading

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Questions to Ask Yourself While Buying Presents for Your Kids

Stop! Put that back on the shelf. Click it out of your Amazon cart. Now, think. Gifts are great, but they soon turn from presents to pasts, so make sure that thing you are buying is going to last (and … Continue reading

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The Morning After

Well, I finally did it. With the stores moving up Black Friday from 5 a.m. to 3 a.m. to finally midnight, I can actually go. And I did. I skipped WalMart. It was my first year. I didn’t need to … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 53: The Toy Store

Problem: It’s finally happened; you find yourself needing to take your toddler to the toy store. I quaked in fear as I realized there was no way around it. We’re busy today, and I couldn’t sneak away alone. Dragging two … Continue reading

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Things Should Cost What They Cost

I can’t coupon. I’m too stupid to coupon. It’s true. Any time I try to save myself some money – be it by using discount codes or signing up for junk mail to get a special deal – I mess it up, … Continue reading

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Shoe Dazzle

I love shoes. I have always loved shoes, and I feel confident that I will always love shoes.  It started when I was a little girl, staring all all the awesome heels in my mother’s closet that I was never … Continue reading

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A Boy Clothing Nightmare – Guest Blog

Emilie, school teacher and blogger extraordinaire over at Teaching Ain’t For Heroes, was kind enough to give me some insight on shopping for boy clothing.  And I thought I had it rough with girls! ____ I kind of always knew … Continue reading

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Colorless Thoughts on Black Friday

I don’t like Black Friday.  It’s not the starting at ridiculous a.m. that gets me.  It’s not the notion of big, bad capitalism taking over the holidays.  It’s not the fear of being run over by thousands of parents who need just … Continue reading

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Targeting Target

The babies and I just got back from a “shopping spree” in which I bought them shoes, slippers, nighties, socks and jackets.  Gone are the days of meandering through boutique after boutique looking for purses, perusing the dress selection and impulse-buying that adorable centerpiece.  … Continue reading

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