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Toddler Tricks – 37

Ways to Trick your Baby: Problem: You’ve busted your butt, packed a bag and gotten everyone out of the house to go to some fun and magical place. You’ve got food, drinks, a change of clothes and underwear, emergency diapers. … Continue reading

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My Child Will Never

Every time I hear a parent, or a non-parent, say “my child will never…,” I shake my head and smile in amusement. Don’t you know that saying that will only cause embarrassment in the long run when your precious angel, … Continue reading

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Never Overestimate Yourself

I should have known as soon as the UPS guy asked me to help him move the packages into the house. I should have told him to turn around and bring them back when the two of us had trouble … Continue reading

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Kiki’s Courage

When should parental concern overrule internet fame, money-making ability and childlike dreams of grandeur?  Where’s the line between understandable public outrage and victim blaming?  Who is at fault for the life Kiki Kannibal is living and does fault matter here? … Continue reading

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Surviving Twins – The Early Months

A friend of mine is having twins girls, due in August. She asked me for advice, and I had to reach far back into my foggy, sleepless memory banks to give her anything useful.  I don’t often talk about having … Continue reading

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Moment of the Week – 36 Twins first Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Dyeing!  Pics and video!

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Toddler Tricks – 36

Ways to Trick your Baby: Problem:  You can’t get anything done. You have a nice list of goals and things to do each day, and you’re positive everything is going to go just right if you can all just keep … Continue reading

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A Tramp Isn’t Just What She Wears

You know that CNN piece that has everyone up in arms? You know, the one that starts with the guy describing a delicious-looking eight-year-old girl and ends with him blaming the parents for wanting to be their kids’ besties instead … Continue reading

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Mommy Friends: A How-to Guide – Guest Blog

This week, I’m lucky enough to have a fire-dancing, baby-wearing mama (not at the same time!) teach me how to make mom friends. A guide I sorely need.  Thank you, Farren Square. __ Mom friends. Every mom needs at least … Continue reading

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The Family Portrait

“Hey! Hey! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Boo! Boo!” The babies looked up at me in annoyance, then cast their suspicious eyes upon the photographer. Click. “Well, I guess we won’t use that one,” she said. No kidding. We’d already been there for too … Continue reading

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