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Minus One Pregnancies and Abortions

“My body, my choice.” Simple, isn’t it? Pro-choice opinion with all of it’s reasoning and nuances wrapped up in a simple, catchy slogan. It makes it easy. I’m pro-choice. I believe that a woman’s body is her domain and no … Continue reading

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How One Mom Reacted to the News of Having Twins

“You’re having twins.” Just like that, she said it–no cushion, no soothing small talk, no sympathetic pat to the knee. As if she were telling me about the weather or making idle chat about the morning commute. As if she … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 42: Make Mommy Fashion Work for You

Usually I do ways to trick your baby and ways your baby tricks you…I thought I’d change it up this week and give a few tips on dressing with the “floop” as one of my friends so graciously refers to … Continue reading

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Surviving Twins – The Early Months

A friend of mine is having twins girls, due in August. She asked me for advice, and I had to reach far back into my foggy, sleepless memory banks to give her anything useful.  I don’t often talk about having … Continue reading

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The First Story of my First Born(s)

Rule number one in life for a sexually active woman? Never take a pregnancy test at work. It was a chilly January evening when I stepped into the Walgreens on my dinner break. I picked up a frozen pizza, a … Continue reading

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