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It’s Raining Hats GIVEAWAY

It’s Raining Hats GIVEAWAY Win the cutest ever pumpkin hat for your toddler at parentwin.com!

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Slice of Life – Hats

So, as we were moving, I came across my old fedora that I’d bought in San Diego in 2007 one day when I was feeling sassy. It’s rad, but I never wear it anymore because at 30 years old, being … Continue reading

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Toddler Logic

As adults, we’ve learned to ignore the crucial, tiny conversations our mind has with itself over every decision we make throughout the day. Most of the scenarios our unconscious goes through are unlikely, many don’t make sense, and in almost all of them the protests our mind quickly comes up with and discards can and will be ignored for the greater goal. This process becomes so quick, in fact, that we no longer register it. We begin to assume that making as decision is a simple one-step process. Until, that is, we become parents. Continue reading

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