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An Open Letter to Parents Checking Out Library DVDs

Dear PCOLDVDs, Is it really necessary to run a chainsaw over the discs before returning them to the library? I mean, I get it. I have two three-year-old girls. Things happen. Sometimes a scratch is inevitable. But even if there … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 81: Get Out of the House

Problem: You have so much to do. So much. And at every turn, your toddlers stand in your way. You pick up the crayons, they splay the videos out on the floor. You wash the counters, they finger paint the … Continue reading

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Shared Suffering

There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed since the girls were quite little. Unless they’re fighting with each other, only one gets upset at a time. If one is sad about something, if one is angry about something, if one is tantruming … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Crayon Crafts

My good friend, amazing artist and even better photographer has graciously given me an any-time craft good for kids of all ages (so long as you’re right there, helping!) She’s so creative! Her blog has so many more crafts and … Continue reading

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Like Humans Do

At three and a half, my kids are experimenting with the frivolities of human life. They are moving beyond a grasp of vocabulary and simple sentence structure. They’ve got subject, verb, object. Now that they can order me around, ask multiple questions … Continue reading

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Target Targets Pregnant Women

You’re pregnant! How do you break the news? Some women buy baby balloons. If there’s a child already, they can put him or her in a big brother / big sister shirt. Some women actually bake buns and put them … Continue reading

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Recipe Monday – Berry Cobbler

This cobbler is delicious and easy, no lie. RECIPE:

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Toddler Tricks – 80: Use the Television

Problem: Twofold…one, your kid continues to do something she’s not supposed to do. Two, you’re not sure if all your talking at her is sticking. She seems to understand everything you say, down to the very subtle nuances of conversation, … Continue reading

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

I used to do posts outlining what the girls were saying as they grew up and started grasping the language. Now that they’re three and a half, it’s not what they say butwhat they say, if you know what I mean. … Continue reading

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Day in the Life – February 2012

Last year I did a Day in the Life on Valentine’s Day. I invited a lot of bloggers to take part and got a really good response. This year my three year olds have sapped away my soul and I … Continue reading

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