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Who’s the Boss?

I often joke that my toddlers are my boss, but really it’s very true, and, sometimes, I have to use workplace tricks to get anything done at all. Common phrases in my house include, “I’ll do that right now,” and “Yes, yes, right now, yes, in a minute, yes, of course.” I’m pretty sure I used those daily in the workplace, and I’m pretty sure they meant the same thing they do now – “No, I’ll get to it later,” and “I forgot, but I’m babbling at you while I get my stuff together so it looks like I was on top of it all along.” Continue reading

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A Race to the Bottom

In my opinion, love and sacrifice are not the same thing. One mother may have to sacrifice everything for the child she loves; another may sacrifice just a few things for the child she also loves. Sacrifices vary by time and personality; love is a constant. Continue reading

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Don’t Mention It

The best baby books to read before naptime are those that contain objects toddlers like, but have never had or seen. Trains are a great example for us. My babies babble in delight at the picture of a train, make the choo choo sound and happily move on as they have no idea that a train actually exists in three dimensions. Continue reading

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Moment of the Week – 6

My gymnast twins do their first tumblesalts!

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Toddler Tricks – 6

Toddlers love attention. I’m able to get my little ones to sit down in their seats (on top of a blue tarp protecting the carpet) if I line up their stuffed animals to watch them. Sometimes Elmo even gets a bite!
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When Lives Collide

There are many times when I forget myself, when I fall back into a time without babies, a time of movement, and freedom, and fluidity. A time of trains, and subways, and coffee shops. Days of waking up at 10 a.m. and sitting out on the porch drinking coffee and wondering what the afternoon will bring. Continue reading

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Carpet Stains of Doom

My carpets are atrocious. They get worse and worse by the minute. I’m not sure at what point during the week my toddlers turn into construction workers who have been digging ditches in mud only to come in and ruin my carpeting, but they can stain a carpet in less time than it takes for me to turn a video on for them so they won’t stain the carpet. Continue reading

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Letting Go

One of the most touching attributes of toddlers is how quickly they let go of anger. They are intense in happiness and intense in sadness or frustration, but quick to change from one to the other. This shows how fleeting our actual emotions, even in our adult lives, are.
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Prepare to Look Foolish

When taking toddlers out in public, you have a choice: you can have people laughing at you, or you can have them staring at you in annoyance. I choose the former, as often as I can. Continue reading

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To-do List 101

Cooking, cleaning, and making time for yourself all while being a full-time entertainment center for your kids is a tough job. Sometimes a list can really help slow down the whirlwind. Here are some list tips from a person who doesn’t do lists.
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