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Moment of the Week – 52: Read, Always Read

Lull in the action? Read!

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Toddler Tricks – 52: Learning for Life

Problem: Your children are getting older, and you are doing more and more activities with them that require you all to wander far from your home. What if one gets separated. If they can talk, they’re old enough to know … Continue reading

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Forays into Facebook

I don’t spend much time on Facebook, but every once in a while I can be sucked in for hours. I’ve got something like 300 or 400 friends on there. I never know when anyone cuts me. I only know when people add … Continue reading

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The Day Between Sickness and Wellness

We’ve been sick here. Very sick. Having lived in a germ-free bubble for the most of the last year means that one of the twins invariably picks up a virus or two whenever we come into contact with the outside … Continue reading

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Why I Will Continue to Tell my Daughters that They’re Beautiful

Quite a while ago now, Lisa Bloom, blogger for the Huffington Post, wrote a piece outlining why we need to stop focusing on appearance in little girls. She made a lot of good points, and it gave me a lot … Continue reading

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Step Out of your Comfort Zone – It’s Worth It

It was a lazy Sunday morning when I got a text from my friend Yasmin, who has a little boy, two years old. “What are you doing today?” Well, we weren’t doing anything, yet. We had thought about maybe going … Continue reading

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Recipe Monday – A Pizza for Every Day of the Week

Having toddlers means ordering in is just easier than going out, sometimes. When we first moved here, we tried all the local pizza delivery options. We didn’t really like any of them. In fact, our favorite is Dominos, if that … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 51: Why Ask Why?

Problem: Your child has reached the age where everything is a question. They need to know about every menial task and action from the end result all the way back to the root of the idea. Usually this happens with … Continue reading

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The Things that Annoy Me about Kids’ Shows

Being an expert in educational children’s programming, by which I mean I’m a parent who sometimes needs to clean or make dinner in peace, I have some gripes. Most are irrational, some are grudgey, all legitimately bother me. The first … Continue reading

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How to Make Friends: The Mommy Edition

I am a horrible judge of character. I basically like everyone on sight and invite them into my home and give them my stuff immediately. I ended up with a lot of jovial troublemakers in my circle, which was all fine … Continue reading

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