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Reasons Moms Might Not Talk to Each Other

Here’s how it sometimes feels to be a mom, and why we can’t seem to call on our support group of other moms when we most need to. … – Everyone else’s kids seem perfect. They’re so good, quiet, smart, … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Quick Exercises for the Busy Mom

Today I have Jill Shousboe talking about exercising around the house! The one thing moms generally wish they had more of is time. More time to spend with their family, get their to-do list finished, and something else that often … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done – The Specifics

Everyone has their own system to get things done that work for them. Here are some things I’ve found that help me along. 1) Determine the goals of your to-do list. If you are the type of person who will … Continue reading

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How to Be a Most Excellent Stay at Home Mom

1) Your child wakes up screaming about something her sister did to her last night. Correct Response: This isn’t a very good way to wake up, is it? But I can’t understand you when you cry like that. Can you use … Continue reading

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Women, Stop Oppressing Yourselves!

Being a mother isn’t a real job — and the men who run the world know it. I really like The Atlantic. I feel like it publishes thoughtful, interesting articles on areas that interest me. Which is why when I … Continue reading

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Live for the Present and for the Future

Someone said something to me online the other day that was meant as support, but it stuck in my craw. I’d written a piece about being a stay at home mom, and how finally, after a few years of it, … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 79: Alone Time

Problem: You’ve got kids. No seriously, that’s the problem. Because when you have small kids, sometimes, well, that’s it. They’re always there, they always need or want you, they expect you to be at their beck and call, to straighten … Continue reading

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The Alternate Dimension of the SAHM

It’s 8 a.m., and I’m telling my girls that they can switch jackets after lunch if they hate the ones they’re wearing so much. I’m arguing with them over who changed out of their nighties first yesterday and whose turn … Continue reading

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Just a Mom? Yes, Facebook, Just a Mom.

Have you seen the newest Facebook status meant to buoy stay at home moms up and make themselves feel as if they’re worth something? “You’re just a mom?? Uhh Yes….I AM A MOM!!! That makes me an alarm clock, cook, … Continue reading

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How to Explain Your Life to an Outsider

Did you know I had more sanity when I was a working mom? My house wasn’t as clean (and as you know, it’s no prize right now, anyway), I felt as if I would break at any point. There was … Continue reading

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