Ten Horrific Kitchen Fails

In lieu of a recipe this week, I thought I’d list out the EVER-GROWING request list for Fail Kitchen.



Here are the ones already in the pipeline:



Pinata Cookies. Original recipe here: 



Watermelon Cake. Original recipe here:



Cheesy Pull-apart Bread. Original recipe here:



Heart-shaped Hard Boiled Eggs. Original recipe here:






Zebra Cake. Original recipe here:



No Bake Oreo Ice Cream Cake. Original recipe here:



And there are dozens more I’ve not even touched yet. People seem to have a lot of suggestions for me.


Here are the next batch up to film:



Oreo Peanut Butter Brownies. Recipe Here.



Magic Custard Cake. Recipe Here.



Red, White and Blue Raspberry Bars. Recipe Here.



Roses Apple Pie. Recipe Here.


And the suggestions for after these are just as amazing.


World’s Biggest Candy Bar

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Goldfish Frosting

Apple Crescent Roses

Yummy Dog Sandwich


And, I’ve also got a new round of recipes I have to look up! I think I’ll do The State of Fail Kitchen every month or so, as the recipes and fails refresh, so stay tuned.



And of course, don’t forget about the awesome recipes already up on YouTube!


Jelly Worms:


Blooming Onion:


Chocolate Covered Strawberries:



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