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Smarts Aren’t Just the ABCs

I spend the majority of my day playing with and catering to my kids. We do spelling games, sound games, and rhyming games. We draw, trace and identify letters and numbers. We talk a lot. They used their first adverb … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Post Christmas Cleanup

After the last of the wrapping paper was scrapped and the boxes tossed out, I lined toys up against the wall, I stashed them in corners. I tidied. I didn’t clean. Why? Because it’s scary, that’s why. And I was … Continue reading

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How to Explain Your Life to an Outsider

Did you know I had more sanity when I was a working mom? My house wasn’t as clean (and as you know, it’s no prize right now, anyway), I felt as if I would break at any point. There was … Continue reading

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Blast You, Max and Ruby!

My children had an unfortunate affair with Max and Ruby for a few weeks there. I think they’re over it now, thank goodness, but not before learning several bad behaviors. This is from its wiki page: “The episodes present stories … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 72: Speak Their Language

Problem: You have errands lined up that will take the whole of the afternoon, and your toddler has other plans. Be it dawdling, tantruming, playing or teasing, your kids are not getting back in the car. You have four more … Continue reading

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Blood Drive at a Preschool?

Yesterday, I dragged my crew to the preschool where we take a few extra-curricular classes. It was going to be our last day, the school stating it was open until December 23rd. What they failed to mention was that the … Continue reading

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Natalina and the Quest for Elevators

When we last left our heroes (Dulce and Natalina, of course), they were tucked up all comfy-like in their carseats on the long trek back from Orlando. But the whole story hadn’t been told. Little Lilly took on her travels … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

    Perfect for any get together, party, appetizer, or a meal for two. RECIPE:

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Epic Journey

I have never been so happy about fake fruit in a bowl in my life as I was last night. Remember last year, we ended up at a hotel after our Christmas Odyssey? A year later and we’re at a … Continue reading

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Babble’s Top 100 Blogs

Today I’m cheating. I’m buried under work (I might not make the deadline, eek!) I’m visiting my family in CT, which is great but means no work will be done. I’ve got holiday shopping and wrapping and cooking and eating … Continue reading

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