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A New Year

New Year’s Eve has always been a disappointment in my life.  I’m not sure if that’s because it’s coming after the enormity that is Christmas, or if the expectations of the night are just too high. Maybe it’s because of … Continue reading

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Discovering Priorities

Last night, I saw my mommy-life flash before my eyes.  We were mid-way home from our trip to Connecticut.  It wasn’t the plane ride, or the airports, or the unsafe bus, or the fact that we were all exceedingly ill … Continue reading

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Holiday Intensity

Christmas is for the memories.  Christmas is for the anticipation.  Christmas, at least when you’re the parent of two year olds, is not for the day, itself. On Christmas Eve, I excitedly brought down my horribly wrapped presents and placed … Continue reading

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The Santa Concept

Christmas has been so hectic.  Dragging babies across the country, presents, presents, different foods, different people, presents, a massive snow storm, and, well, presents. It’s amazing how quickly the girls took to the idea of Santa.  We hadn’t prepared them … Continue reading

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Think About What You Say

After two intense weeks of tantrums, screaming, flopping, crying and whining, my kids have finally had a language breakthrough.  For the past four days or so, they have not only been pointing at objects and telling me what they are, … Continue reading

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The Fake Career Woman

A beautiful blogger and great friend of mine wrote a post today about being a fake stay at home mom (during break as a teacher.)  She got a lot of well-deserved hits, and I laughed at myself, saying, “I’m going … Continue reading

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A Letter to Myself in 2006

Dear Self, I know you are taking time out of your incredibly intense existence to read this.  I know as you look at the page, you aren’t able to pensively nibble at the end of your pen as you contemplate … Continue reading

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Moment of the Week – 18

Gigglefest with Daddy!  Adorable short video:

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Toddler Tricks – 18

Inspired by my friend Chelsea: Ways to trick your baby: Problem: You’ve just switched over to the toddler bed (or taken the rail off your now-outlawed crib), and your toddler has discovered he has run of the room.  Instead of … Continue reading

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Phantom Noises

The babies are finally asleep.  It’s the middle of the day.  Maybe I can squeeze in that shower I’ve been wanting to take since yesterday morning. I turn the hot water knob, water sluices toward the wall, the inviting tap … Continue reading

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