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Toddler Tricks: 98 – Wait Them Out

Problem: Your child won’t wipe herself, or eat, or sleep, or whatever it is she won’t do. It’s a battle of wills, and you aren’t giving up.   SOLUTION:

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Childproofing Your House: What You Need to Know

I am lucky enough to have guest blogger Danielle Birch with me today. She gives some great tips on how to childproof your home. … As a parent, every day you face worries about your child. From the moment they … Continue reading

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Babysitter Blues

My kids used to be clingers. I couldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t leave them, ever. When my husband and I would go out (about once every three months) we had to have an elaborate ritual, where the babysitter would come … Continue reading

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If You Die, or Come Close to It, Are Your Kids Prepared?

If you die suddenly, do your kids know what to do? Mine wouldn’t have, and as I saw everything starting to fade, all I could think was, they’ll be here with me all day. Who will feed them? Who will … Continue reading

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Recip Monday: Fruit Cobbler

I think I already posted a cobbler recipe, but this is a different one. I really like cobblers because they’re like cakes only not hard.   RECIPE:

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Toddler Tricks – 97: Keep Calm and Carry On

Problem: You can’t do anything right. Any answer you give, any move you make, any word you say is grounds for a tantrum. Your kids are completely unreasonable for some reason you can’t discern. Whether they can’t make a circle … Continue reading

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Women, Stop Oppressing Yourselves!

Being a mother isn’t a real job — and the men who run the world know it. I really like The Atlantic. I feel like it publishes thoughtful, interesting articles on areas that interest me. Which is why when I … Continue reading

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Live for the Present and for the Future

Someone said something to me online the other day that was meant as support, but it stuck in my craw. I’d written a piece about being a stay at home mom, and how finally, after a few years of it, … Continue reading

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Recipe Monday – Honey Mustard Chicken

This is a favorite here, and it’s really easy. Ingredients: Chicken Breasts Honey Dijon Mustard Salt Pepper Garlic Powder Honey Dijon Salad Dressing   RECIPE:

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Toddler Tricks – 96: Work It Out

Problem: Your kids are fighting. There’s the crying and the screaming, the hitting and the biting. The wailing ever louder, the appeals for your intervention. You get the feeling most of this outlandish behavior is purely for your benefit, but … Continue reading

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