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Guest Post – Keeping Kids Safe in the Home

Well, after yesterday’s oversharing, I didn’t have it in me for another post (though I have a few I have to write.) Anyway, here’s Sam Rose talking about security. … No parent ever wants to have to think about the … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 52: Learning for Life

Problem: Your children are getting older, and you are doing more and more activities with them that require you all to wander far from your home. What if one gets separated. If they can talk, they’re old enough to know … Continue reading

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Safety Isn’t Always about Convenience

It’s a beautiful spring day. You’re on your way to the grocery store with your babies in tow. You go to take that well-worn left turn and someone blows through the traffic light. Will your kids survive? It’s a snowy … Continue reading

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Phantom Noises

The babies are finally asleep.  It’s the middle of the day.  Maybe I can squeeze in that shower I’ve been wanting to take since yesterday morning. I turn the hot water knob, water sluices toward the wall, the inviting tap … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 5

My toddlers have super-strength and easily bent the child safety locks out of position, leaving us with an open drawer full of sharp silverware, complete with a now-broken white plastic hook installed on the front. Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 4

Give your kid something related to cooking that’s safe. Let them play with it, figure it out, and then have them hand it to you at a safe moment. Discovering every aspect of the new object will keep them occupied while you flip the french fries, put the roast in, or boil the water.
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