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All This Mom Wants for Christmas

Dear Santa, I have been an incredibly good girl this year. I haven’t accidentally killed or maimed my children, I steam cleaned the carpets at least one time, I do the dishes every damn day, and I put up with … Continue reading

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Questions to Ask Yourself While Buying Presents for Your Kids

Stop! Put that back on the shelf. Click it out of your Amazon cart. Now, think. Gifts are great, but they soon turn from presents to pasts, so make sure that thing you are buying is going to last (and … Continue reading

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The Santa Concept

Christmas has been so hectic.  Dragging babies across the country, presents, presents, different foods, different people, presents, a massive snow storm, and, well, presents. It’s amazing how quickly the girls took to the idea of Santa.  We hadn’t prepared them … Continue reading

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