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What They Don’t Tell You About Anxiety

When “demons” are depicted in scripts or drawings, they tend to follow the same trope. You’ve got your protagonist, seemingly fine, walking along, and following her, there are these entities. Sometimes these are actually drawn beings to personalize the “demons”, … Continue reading

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Are Parents Ruining Their Children

Are parents ruining their children? This expansive article by Psychology Today, first released in 2004, says yes. It says that from infancy on, helicopter parents cushion their children’s failures while pushing them ever harder for success, and if that success … Continue reading

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Phantom Noises

The babies are finally asleep.  It’s the middle of the day.  Maybe I can squeeze in that shower I’ve been wanting to take since yesterday morning. I turn the hot water knob, water sluices toward the wall, the inviting tap … Continue reading

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