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International Women’s Day

It is the 100th anniversary of the first International Women’s Day, today, and I am left without words.  So many women have shaped me and influenced my life, and I am grateful for every one of them.  Here is a … Continue reading

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Love Hormones

Your baby will love you from day one. And we don’t need a study for that. Your baby will love you whether or not you fit into the slim mold of test subjects for this particular study. Your baby will love you whether you are a mother or a father. Your baby will love you whether you play with him or cuddle him. Your baby will love you. Continue reading

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A Race to the Bottom

In my opinion, love and sacrifice are not the same thing. One mother may have to sacrifice everything for the child she loves; another may sacrifice just a few things for the child she also loves. Sacrifices vary by time and personality; love is a constant. Continue reading

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Beating Depression

Change is always hard. It’s harder when you don’t take each facet of that change into consideration. Depression isn’t just hormones, it isn’t just genetics. Depression can hit anyone, and many times the triggers occur outside the body. Continue reading

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Your Mama

I don’t expect my motherhood to be ignored, especially as I drag two toddlers across town – it is what I am, and I am proud to wear my badge – but there is no need to put me on an entirely different level than your other patrons. There is no need to coddle me, give me a wink and a nod, or relate to me solely in terms of my job. Continue reading

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