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Live for the Present and for the Future

Someone said something to me online the other day that was meant as support, but it stuck in my craw. I’d written a piece about being a stay at home mom, and how finally, after a few years of it, … Continue reading

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The Circular Journey

It’s recently come to light that it will soon be time for me to become part of the workforce again.  You would think this would be great news, since I never really yearned to leave the workforce in the first … Continue reading

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Parental Preference

Our lives as parents are hard enough. We need to live each day knowing that our children love us with an unconditional intensity. To project our own insecurities on their toddlerhood actions will only make everyone’s life harder. Our children love us. They don’t forget us when we’re gone for the day. They don’t resent us. We shouldn’t resent ourselves, either. After all, putting food on the table is a big part of that love, a part they will understand with time. Continue reading

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