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Guest Post – Traveling with Kids

I’m not the greatest at traveling with my kids. The two-hour plane ride to my parents seems daunting enough, never mind more ambitious trips. But as guest poster, Logan, says, maybe I should give it a try. ___ Travel ranks … Continue reading

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Waze to Go

The other day, we made the three-hour drive to the beach where my parents have a condo. Only it wasn’t a three-hour drive. It was pouring as we hit the road, and as we turned onto the highway, we found … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Young children have all the answers. They simplify the problem and their solutions are often immediate and…impossible. We’ve decided on a last-minute trip to see my family before Christmas (we can’t make it for the holiday this year.) This is … Continue reading

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Accidental Segregation

Southwest Airlines is doing it right. I don’t even know if they know that they are. I certainly didn’t. I was annoyed at the “pick your own seats.” I was even more irritated when they let people who had A … Continue reading

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