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Inviting Twins — Etiquette

With the advent of my kids making friends, comes the individuality of one of them being better friends with one person, while the other is better friends with another. So what happens if your kid only likes one of mine?   READ … Continue reading

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So, I waited a full month of best friendship before writing that post on the two little girls who had picked my girls as friends. And of course, not a day after I post it do they start shaking things … Continue reading

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First Friendships as a Twin

My twins do everything together. They’ve never been apart. They prefer to be together always, and like I’ve said before, I’m just convincing them that they don’t have to compete over all the specifics and that they can (gasp) like … Continue reading

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Do Kids Affect Kids?

I felt like an historical southern lady yesterday. We had visitors in the morning, then a nap, then visitors in the afternoon.  I didn’t serve any tea though. The twins and I ran into one of our neighbors around 10:30 a.m. … Continue reading

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