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Your Selfies Tell the Story of You

Internet, can we just have one thing? Can’t we just do one trend without talking it to death, dissecting every side, defending, offending, attacking, contemplating, etc.? Must we intellectualize everything? Well, truth be told, I don’t mind discussing every tiny … Continue reading

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Playing on Facebook Can Get You a Job

Playing on Facebook can get you a job – I’m not talking about Farmville, though I’m sure there must be something for which those skills can be used.  While Facebook is thought of by many as a way to pass … Continue reading

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What’s your (New) Sign?

I’ve never put any stock into horoscopes and star signs.  Born in the early 1980s, I always figured myself beyond all that New Age mumbo jumbo, if that’s even what it is.  Until, of course, the internet’s hysteria over possible sign … Continue reading

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