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Moment of the Week – 42: When Babies Get the Camera

Not bad if I do say say so myself. Abstract. Modern. LOL http://parentwin.blogspot.com/2011/05/moment-of-week-42-babies-figure-out.html

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The Family Portrait

“Hey! Hey! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Boo! Boo!” The babies looked up at me in annoyance, then cast their suspicious eyes upon the photographer. Click. “Well, I guess we won’t use that one,” she said. No kidding. We’d already been there for too … Continue reading

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Day in the Life

LOOKING FOR DITLS! Day in the life? Take some pictures, and leave the link! We’re making it internet wide! http://parentwin.blogspot.com/2011/02/day-in-life.html

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Problem Solvers

We have to remember, as parents, that a problem made for us, is a problem solved for toddlers. We’re simply coming at life from a different perspective. A gallon of milk on the floor is a huge problem for me, but the mental logistics that went into getting that milk on the floor is a major accomplishment for my two year olds. Continue reading

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Moment of the Week – 2

Dulce is going to be an executive when she grows up:
Natalina is going to be a plumber: Continue reading

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Not Your Grandma’s Photo Album

If you must take a picture of your child with a beer bottle – or next to baby powder squished into a line to look like cocaine, or being ‘mauled’ by the cat, or whatever else you think is funny that I don’t – use the filters available to you on any of those photo-sharing sites. Privacy filters can be your best friend, especially when your child’s image is involved. Continue reading

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