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The Man and the Tiny Elephant

Once upon a time there was an elephant, and this elephant was so tiny you could hardly even see him. One day a man went on safari. He expected to see a very large elephant, and some lions and rhinoceroses as well. … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 57: Make it Last

Problem: The older your toddlers get, it seems the shorter their attention span becomes. One would presume the opposite, but either we’re expecting more from them as parents, or they’re louder about their boredom / less willing to go along … Continue reading

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Let’s Pretend to Go to the Grocery Store

As the world slowly opens up to toddlers, their imaginations start to take hold. All of the knowledge and experiences they process everyday come out during lulls in their real adventures. It’s magical to see. Still, my husband and I … Continue reading

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4 Ways to be a Better Mom

Virginia over at My Spinning Plates has children older than three, and she has survived.  Not only that, but she has had fun.  I had to ask her how she did it! ___ When I was asked to do a … Continue reading

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The Witch Is Coming!

Last week, my babies went to bed for the first time in what must be a year without making me go back in there to resettle them.  A magical secret of happiness and sugar plums as they drift off to … Continue reading

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Learn Through Play

“I’m a frog, mama, I’m a frog…riddit, riddit…I need flies!” Cue two babies hopping around on all fours. Soon one of the frogs finds a toy dog on the floor. “Uh oh!” she says. “Bad dog, bad dog, bite frog!” … Continue reading

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