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How to Be an Amazing Nursemaid

So, I’ll come out and admit it, I am a crappy, crappy nurse. I’m just about as caring and sympathetic as a foot, though I try my darn hardest. Ask my husband. It’s one of my (few, I’m sure…haha) weaknesses. … Continue reading

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They Don’t Know They’re Sick

We’ve just gotten back from a beach vacation, which ended up, of course, being a day of travel, anight of interrupted sleep, an hour at the beach, and intense illness for the remaining day. Just as we were leaving for … Continue reading

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The Sickness Olympics

When you are a twin, you’re constantly vying for someone’s attention. You’re never getting someone’s undivided self. You learn to share and take turns, but if you’re three, well, sometimes those lessons don’t always stick. You love your sister more … Continue reading

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The Hygiene Hypothesis, Take Two

Jo has a problem with germs. A big problem. She hates them and has waged full-out war with them, and I, for one, support her cause…at least armchair style.  You see, Jo’s motto goes like this: ” Avoid What You … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Cesspool, I mean, Preschool

So, it is Thursday. The babies should be well into their learning and playing at preschool. But no. They’re here with me. Watching Sesame St., no less. This is not because I feel I can do a better job teaching … Continue reading

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The Day Between Sickness and Wellness

We’ve been sick here. Very sick. Having lived in a germ-free bubble for the most of the last year means that one of the twins invariably picks up a virus or two whenever we come into contact with the outside … Continue reading

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Baby Is Sick

It’s up to us, as parents, to remember all that faces a two year old everyday – the information, the pain, the emotion. We need to realize and remember that to the baby, it’s all rolled into one. And that one magnificent feeling will manifest itself in a million little tantrums over little things because it’s the little things that they understand. Continue reading

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