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Take Care of Yourself – My Weekly Plan to Stop Feeling Like Crap

Problem: You feel like crap all the time. Whether you’re tired, lethargic, sore, have pains in your stomach/head/neck, or just feel icky, it’s definitely a thing. For me, it’s all of those things. When the kids were infants, I had … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with This Picture? Why Maria Kang Can’t Tell People What to Do.

Maria Kang is getting a lot of heat for this photo: Now, I came here to defend her, actually. That had been my idea. I mean, she’s clearly “fitspiration,” and that’s a genre. People attacking her for ‘what she does’ (which is … Continue reading

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Guest Post – My Body as God’s House

If you’ve been following along at all, you know we’re not very religious around here. As such, I am always super interested in those that live their lives in accordance to some of those guidelines. Rebecca at “Blogging With Goodly … Continue reading

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