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Moment of the Week – Halloween

The girls had a great Halloween, this year. Here are some of the pictures!                     Advertisements

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Woman Gives Out Fat Shaming Notes to Kids so She’s Not Seen as the ‘Mean Lady’ — Oh.

Perhaps by now you’ve seen this? Now, you might this this is some spoof out to rile the social justice warriors. I admit, I wasn’t sure at first. But no. This is a real note, courtesy of Cheryl from Fargo, … Continue reading

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Happy Belated Halloween!

We went to Trunk or Treat on Sunday night. Despite protests to the contrary, it was found that neither of the girls was Cinderella. MORE PHOTOS THIS WAY!

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Toddler Tricks – 65: Halloween Edition

Problem: You are going trick or treating. But where should you go, what should your child wear, and how long should you stay out? Solution: Let’s take these one at a time.

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Toddler Tricks – 11

Ways to Trick your Baby: Problem:  Once your baby sees her Halloween costume, she’s not going to want to wear anything else.  Ever.  You don’t want her to eat or sleep in it; you don’t want parts lost or stained.  … Continue reading

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