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Live for the Present and for the Future

Someone said something to me online the other day that was meant as support, but it stuck in my craw. I’d written a piece about being a stay at home mom, and how finally, after a few years of it, … Continue reading

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Things Your Kids Should Be Able to Do by Four

Oftentimes, I live in a hellish world of lunacy where children just less than four make the rules. And this seems totally reasonable. Why? Well, they’re the only people I see all day, so suddenly playing markers in nothing but … Continue reading

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Looking Back – December Review I

It’s always good to take stock of ourselves at some point during year. Most people choose December, and so do I. Not much has changed this year for me…as in, nothing at all, really. I’m trying to further some projects, … Continue reading

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They’ll Tell You

The babies will be three next month. For the past six months, maybe a year, I’ve received many comments and questions about why I still refer to them as babies. And everyone is right. First the term is fitting and … Continue reading

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