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What Is Up with Sizing?

I don’t know what size I am. This is not because I’ve changed size. I’ve been the same weight and shape, basically, since my teens. Now, I started out in a size 10-12, but I wore my clothing much looser … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks: 67 – Keeping the Clothes in the Closet

Problem: You’ve got an inquisitive one year old and she loves to play with her clothes, meaning toss them out on the floor and laugh about it. Or you’ve got a mischievous two year old, always finding a way to … Continue reading

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Identical Clothing Only Please

That’s it. I give up. I am never buying non-identical clothing again. I don’t care if the people stare or think I’m “that mom.” Do I think it’s cute? No. I think it’s stupid. But it doesn’t matter what I … Continue reading

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Franchise Flops

I hardly ever buy commercial icon stuff, not only out of any belief that my kids shouldn’t be advertisements for a company, but also because that stuff is so damn expensive. You take a $1 plate, you put Mickey Mouse on … Continue reading

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A Boy Clothing Nightmare – Guest Blog

Emilie, school teacher and blogger extraordinaire over at Teaching Ain’t For Heroes, was kind enough to give me some insight on shopping for boy clothing.  And I thought I had it rough with girls! ____ I kind of always knew … Continue reading

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Targeting Target

The babies and I just got back from a “shopping spree” in which I bought them shoes, slippers, nighties, socks and jackets.  Gone are the days of meandering through boutique after boutique looking for purses, perusing the dress selection and impulse-buying that adorable centerpiece.  … Continue reading

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