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Hey, Jessie. No, Really. Hey!

Dear Disney, You know those God-awful children’s sit-coms you have on in the afternoons to try to compete with Nickelodeon’s God-awful children’s sit-coms (and Spongebob)? Can you stop? No, seriously. They’re all really freaking bad. Anyway, the show I have … Continue reading

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The Mom Pledge – Guest Blog

Becoming Supermommy alerted me a while back to the Mom Pledge, an idea I really like and needed to know more about. She graciously agreed to write a post for me explaining the pledge and what it means to all … Continue reading

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Parent Your Kid

Always watch your kids closely. If they’re not pushing someone, they’re being pushed, and if they’re not pushing or being pushed, they’re seeing it happen around them. If we, as parents, don’t step in and tell them what behavior is not acceptable, they’ll never know. Parent your kids, and everybody wins. Continue reading

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