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Book Review – The First Husband

If you are looking for a fun, interesting read this summer, may I recommend “The First Husband” for your poolside perusal? I really enjoyed this book. And it takes a lot for me to enjoy a book, especially one as … Continue reading

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You Have No Idea – Book Review

A Vanessa Williams tell-all book. I had to get in on this. Not because I thought I knew all the dirt, but because as a 29-year-old white woman, I really had no idea. Vanessa would be happy to know that … Continue reading

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Born Wicked – Jessica Spotswood

In an alternate world where New England is overtaken by a strict and religious brotherhood, witches are being hunted down and killed, or at the very least, sent to the madhouse. Many innocent girls meet their doom as the Brothers … Continue reading

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Whether you work or stay at home full time, making time to read is important, and when you do secure those precious moments, you’ll want to fill them with something worthwhile. Something that will make you think, but that also … Continue reading

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Why Do Women Need Fat?

First off, how exciting is it that we need fat? Super exciting. The lower body fat that we all have in vast amount (around the world), feeds our babies’ brains. This is, by far, the most interesting fact in the … Continue reading

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