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Here is my story. In 2008, the economy crashed. I was pregnant with twins. We had just bought a house with 10 percent down-payment. It would cost us more than $235,000 all told. Two weeks before I had my children, … Continue reading

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Minus One Pregnancies and Abortions

“My body, my choice.” Simple, isn’t it? Pro-choice opinion with all of it’s reasoning and nuances wrapped up in a simple, catchy slogan. It makes it easy. I’m pro-choice. I believe that a woman’s body is her domain and no … Continue reading

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I Don’t Understand the Pro-Life Movement

Rather, I don’t understand certain factions of the pro-life movement.  I mean, what is it they stand for, anyway? For most of my life, I thought that pro-lifers believed life began at conception, and therefore it would be murder to abort … Continue reading

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Abortion, Eugenics and Parenting

The abortion debate rages on around us.  The ethical issues of life and death are potent enough to break families apart as members line up on either side of the great divide.  Neither side will budge.  Both sides feel they … Continue reading

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