Parenting Twins: A Narrative

Dulce and Natalina want to watch a show.

During a commercial, I tell them to get dressed for bed.
They want the same nightie. It belongs to Dulce. In a rare show of possessiveness, Dulce (who usually just gives Lilly what she wants) insists on wearing it.
It goes to Dulce.
Lilly throws epic tantrum.
She’s sent to her room, no show.
Dulce freaks out. Makes Lilly come out and apologize to me.
I accept on the condition that she stop crying and get dressed in her other nightie. She starts crying again.
Goes back to her room.
Dulce freaks out again, missing a significant portion of the show because Lilly can’t watch it. Finally, caves and gives Lilly her nightie.
But I say no. I tell Dulce that teaches Lilly she can cry for 20 minutes and then get what she wants.
Dulce throws a tantrum because she is opting to miss the show rather than watch it without Lilly, and me giving her her own nightie is somehow my fault and the worst thing ever.

The End.

Twenty minutes later though, they’ve turned back into this:

Which is why I still keep them around.

About parentwin

Parent of twins, blogger, writer and journalist. I write things. Sometimes people even read them.
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