Kindergarten Kids – A Whole Week of Vacation?


When we were kids, I had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off for Thanksgiving. That’s reasonable, right? One wouldn’t really question that. That’s pretty much what the work world does, too. Well, thank goodness for me, I had a chat with the teachers yesterday where I learned that the girls have the entire week off of school. The whole thing.


I mean, not that I don’t want to see my kids 24/7 for the next nine days, I totally do. That sounds like heaven to me. Except I’m all in grad school right now, and from now until Christmas is the ‘busy time.’ And I just lost 12 hours of research paper work. Plus, I have to actively find something for us to actually do. Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God.


I have got to get my butt on the phone right now, and call every friend and acquaintance the girls have in the hopes I can procure them some entertainment in the form of another five year old. Of course, a lot of people are going away for Thanksgiving. A lot of other people are having family over. Great. I’ll scour the sites for fun diversions, but Tgiving is a family time. So, I’ll probably make them do some school work, too. That I make up for them. Because, I work, they work. I don’t know.

The only solution I can see is to organize the heck out of this ‘vacation.’ I’ll make a concrete schedule and post it up on the fridge, and I’ll include things like, “go outside” and “clean your playroom” in there along with “paint for an hour” or “bake an apple pie.” I’ll try to secure myself alone time in at least one-hour increments so I can code, write, and calculate my papers. Maybe. Or I’ll just barely get them in with the minimum effort and be thankful I have solid grades that can maybe carry me through the end of the semester.

Solution for next year? Take vacation this week. Do more school work before Thanksgiving week next year, so this doesn’t happen again. I don’t know. Life is hard.

Wish us luck.


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