Project Orange. Women around the world #standwithwendy

Texas human beings are continuing the hard-fought battle protecting what little bodily autonomy women have there, with Sen. Wendy Davis at the helm. Thousands of supporters are descending upon the Capital for this second special session as called by Governor Rick Perry who as the meme goes, is so prolife he executed 234 people. You know, it’s different and stuff. Well, yes, it IS different. To show a little support from around the world, we gathered a few pictures of those who could not be there in person, but donned orange to lend their voices to the mix, as best they could. And on a Monday, on the first of July, these people found whatever orange they could, and posted them, slice-of-life style.

Here’s to you, Texas. You can do it.

Amber Snommis looks the snazziest, and it was HER idea to do this. All credit goes to Amber in Georgia.


Teacher Brittany Parks in Florida
Chrissy McIlwraith puts on everything orange that she owns, in Florida.


Kentucky teacher, Emilie Blanton sent in the very first picture.
Emma Wade in Ohio stands with Wendy, literally.


Janel Copeland in Georgia is serious about women’s rights.
Joella Striebel of Wisconsin usually uses this bandanna during hunting season, but brought it out for Stand With Wendy.


Lisa Cuellar in California wears orange flowers for the day.


Melissa Elfers in Canada stands with Wendy so hard, even her dog is orange.
Raeven Zayas in California had to break out the stickie notes, but she found something orange.
Sascha and Maddie Fink in orange head gear in Pennsylvania.
Zane Shakur in California bundles up in the heat to stand with Wendy.
Amanda Lewin in New York stole her seven year old’s shirt for this.


Bree Casson for the win. She finds orange in the most unlikely places.
Cassandra Gill in Georgia drapes orange around her for women’s rights.


Elizabeth Debacker in New Jersey didn’t have any orange. But she did have this pen.


Probably similar to the one Emily Santanella of Connecticut used to write this message on her orange-clad hand.


Jackie Monck in Florida puts on orange eye shadow for the event.

Jepeczenka Svadakovic of California wearing all the orange she could find.
Kate Allen in California with orange eye make-up, and beautiful eyes.


Melissa and Greg Elfers from Canada have orange flowers to commemorate.


Phil and Jilly Copeland of Georgia are contenders for cutest supporters.


Sarah Rocha Tormey and her kids in Massachusetts support women’s rights in Texas.
Violet Scholl in Florida is my personal favorite.


Alex Nguyen and her children in Washington support Sen. Wendy Davis.


Baby Cuellar in California for women’s rights.


Captain Wade in Ohio joins in.
I stand with Wendy, too. Florida.


Emily Farrar and her family in Massachusetts. Even their frame is orange.
Greg Elfers in Canada says Jack Layton would have stood with Wendy.
Jennifer Kappert in Pennsylvania breaks out her orange tumbler.
John Tormey in Massachusetts joins in. Husbands for women’s rights!


MaryAnne Luther in Tennessee stands with Wendy.


Patricia Frederickson of Georgia was already at work, so wrote this orange note!


Russ Wait in Mississippi said something awesome, but I can’t remember it!
Tiffiny Rossi in Finland had no orange, so she tinted the picture orange.

Zoe Fufferman and her amazing raincoated cat in California.

The special session lasts for a while. Add your pics, send them to Wendy via Facebook or her website or right here! SB9. As Melissa says, “never again, Texas. Not even once.”

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  1. Awesome. Truly Awesome.

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