Christmas Tree: Kid Style

Well, I’ve always admired those classy, themed Christmas trees, with color schemes and expensive ornaments. Too bad for me, since I’ll not see one of those for, oh, thirty years.

All our ornaments are plastic (now…we had a dicey year there, when they were two. Never again, glass bulbs, never again.)

Anyway, now that they’re in preschool, I’ve got these adorable, child-made ornaments that you know I’ll never get rid of, ever. So Pottery Barn tree is basically out forever.

But before they started making the cuteness, we set up the tree and this is what happened:

First, this is what “spacing the ornaments out equally” means to four year olds:

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Good job, kids.

Secondly, when you have a fake Christmas tree (which I must for two reasons: 1) I’m sure my kids would find some way to injure themselves on the sharp needles of the tree, or maybe try to climb it or some other ridiculous little-kid thing to do, and 2) I remember hunting for a Christmas tree to be a very warm, fuzzy event. I’d like to keep it that way. I’ll not let their irritating ways shout over my memories. We’ll wait until they’re six and could possibly appreciate the outing without making me want to pull  my hair out. OH! And 3) I have a Honda Civic.), but anyway, when you have a fake Christmas tree, and you try to put a star on top, this is the result:

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Haha, okay, so we needed to try again. I put the star on the branch just below that and fortified it against the rest of the tree.

All in all, not so bad. Not Pottery Barn, and not perfect, but everyone is happy.

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