The Other Side, Parents vs. Nannies

A great friend of mine is a nanny. Strong and sure, she sometimes gets some flack from the parenting community. Posts like this kind of point toward why. But, you’ll see, it’s all mostly misunderstanding.

So, on behalf of parents…here’s the other side.

1) Her first pet peeve is parents that allow tantrums. She says that she’ll give in nine times out of ten and let a kid climb the stairs, but on the tenth time, she’s not budging, and she’s keeping the baby get up. Then she has to suffer a tantrum. And then when the parents get home, they think it’s no big deal because they let the baby climb the stairs, so what the hell?

She says this undermines her and makes her job harder. Now, I can kind of see that, sure.

She says the parents either give her a mean look, or just take the gate down and let junior play on the stairs.

Then she says, thanks. Thanks a lot.


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Parent of twins, blogger, writer and journalist. I write things. Sometimes people even read them.
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