Special Days — Twins’ Style

My twins are four. They know they are different people. They know it. Yet their lives revolve around this fierce competition, a strange competition, in which no one must win or lose, but all things must be equal at all times. At the same time.

I’ve just recently gotten them to start accepting different snacks if the want different things. Previously, the twin that wanted something, wanted the other twin to also have it, even if she didn’t want it, and if that twin wasn’t eating it, then never mind, they didn’t want any snack at all.

Not having power over the brain and desires of the other twin eats at the girls day in and day out.
 Related to this, one cannot have anything special that the other does not get exactly at that moment. I mean, they can, but they hate it, and it results in some very tactical movements on my part for days.

It’s understandable in a way. I mean, they even share a birthday, the most special of days. This is a hard concept for them. But it must be taught. They must understand. It’s not a slight to one when the other does or gets something good.

That’s something even adults struggle with. When a friend meets with success, we cannot take it as a bad reflection on ourselves. Yet sometimes we do. Doubly so with twins who are only four years old.


About parentwin

Parent of twins, blogger, writer and journalist. I write things. Sometimes people even read them.
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