Guest Post – Specific Tips for Putting Twins to Bed

Today I’m lucky enough to have a guest post from Agnes Jimenez about bedtime…something that can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for us, depending on the day and mood.


All children have different preferences when it comes to bedtime. Some like a nightlight; others may want a glass of water, while some will fight tooth and nail to stay up. Having twins can make this even more difficult. If you are having problems getting your kids to sleep, there are some very specific things you can do to solve the issue.

Consistency is a huge part of having a successful nighttime routine. Give both kids a five minute warning before bedtime. This will give them a chance to mentally transition and to finish up whatever they are doing. Pick a time for bed and stick to it. Vary this time by no more than an hour on the weekends. Letting children stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights will cause them to basically have jet lag on Monday morning. If getting kids to sleep on the weekends is tough, plan fun things they love to do on Saturday or Sunday morning. This will give them motivation to get up in the morning, which will help them transition to sleeping at night.


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