1, 2, 3 wtf?

Like a good parent, I am reading 1, 2, 3 Magic to try to get my kids under control introduce a new, helpful discipline into the household, and I’ve got a few bones to pick.

 It’s working pretty well, all stated. I don’t have to yell. The kids take their time outs well and come out just as the book says, calm and ready to move on.

The main point, for those that don’t know, is that when your child is driving you nuts, you count them to get them to stop whatever it is. You say one, and if it doesn’t stop or they start whining at you or doing something else equally or more annoying, you say two. At three, you take them to time out for four minutes (for us, since they’re four.)

The book says after a few times of this, the kids will stop at one.

And…right there is where it loses me.

HAHAHAHA, I say to the book. You have obviously not met my twins.



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