Words and Phrases

Now that we’ve hit four, the language is beginning to even out quite a bit. My girls are using complex phrasing and doing their darndest to keep up with the adults when it comes to chit chat. Here are a few funny sayings and pronunciations for your time.

A few widels: Combination a few minutes and a little while, with a ‘d’ thrown in to anchor the word.

Don’t tell me that word: I don’t want to hear that.

What kind go outside?: Where are we going today?

After tomorrow?: the future. Any point in the future that’s after tomorrow.

Even after tomorrow?: A point in the future farther away than after tomorrow.

I aweady: I already did ______.

Can you think about it?: I’m going to bug the shit out of you until you either say yes or send me to my room.

We will see: I’m accepting your terms and will not bug the shit out of you until you either say yes or send me to my room.

You’re not my friend anymore: You’ve angered me with your unfounded refusal of my completely legitimate request.

You don’t love me anymore: The above times 10.

I’m tiword: (I’m tired). I don’t want to eat.

Isseem: Ice Cream

Can it be a medium?: Can you hurry up and make a decision?

Down Basket: Can you get the basket off the shelf so I can pick a video?

Viiido: Video

Lywin: Lying

Strawbeddy: Strawberry

LookED out: Look at

Souwedy Canny: Mints (Sour Candy)

They still cannot pronounce rs and use the w instead. They also cannot pronounce sk. They use sl instead.

So, marry is mewwy, and skirt is schlirt.

Kids are awesome.

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1 Response to Words and Phrases

  1. sameboatdifferentcaptain says:

    Great to hear what’s to come! My boys are nearly 3…. aaargh! 🙂

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