Happy Independence Day

We always have great Independence Days over here. It’s just about our best family holiday. I’m not sure if that’s because the girls don’t have high expectations because we don’t talk about it before the event, or if we’ve just been lucky, but we’re always blessed on this day with good luck and good behavior.

In fact, even before the girls were born we had great July 4ths. The first one together, we’d just met and that day decided to be serious. The next, I had moved across country and my husband came to visit me for the first time. It’s the only time I’ve ever cried with joy, I had missed him so much. The third, he proposed to me. The fourth, we went to my mom’s. By the fifth, we’d moved to Florida, and took in a local show. The sixth, we took a vacation up to Connecticut, and this year we went to St. Augustine.

Right before we left.

It seemed this trip might be doomed. We got a late start, then when we got there, my husband discovered he’d forgotten his bag at home. His bag with the bandages for Dulce’s knee (she got some scrapes yesterday), his change of clothes, and beach hat, to name just a few items.

But, we got a great parking spot as there was a farmers market just closing up. We parked right in front of the beach. Then I went off in search of bandages, and sunscreen (for my husband).

I came back with a beach chair, beach umbrella and hat for him. The bandages weren’t great, but they worked in a pinch. After that it was ocean time.

My three little fish.


Getting tired.

After that, we encountered no traffic going into town. We stopped at the girls’ favorite carousel.



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