Guest Post – Going Two School

Going Two School: helping your twins (and their teachers) get ready for big school
Now the weather is warming up, the last thing on most people’s minds right now will be the start of the school year, way off in the distant autumn. However, fairly soon, this topic will be looming large in the minds of children about to enter the world of ‘big school’ for the very first time. Those who will soon be leaving the relative security of home or pre-school and starting out on the first steps as a bona fide school pupil.
Just as you wouldn’t expect a large retailer to trade without shop insurance, so the idea of chucking a child in at the deep end of school without prior planning and preparations is a ludicrous, if not pretty risky one. Take a moment to think about all the preparations that one single child will need prior to starting school. The practical – buying uniforms, sewing on nametapes and organising transport – and the emotional – telling the children what to expect, discussing their worries, practising ways to make friends and getting them used to the idea of being at school all day.
Now imagine all that happening twice. At the same time. That is the reality for twins and their families as they contemplate the start of a new school-based era. So, how can parents of multiples ease the way for their little cherubs’ (plural) first days at school? Here are three great places to start…
Get into a routine: preparation is everything

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