What They Say at Three and a Half

Our language here is ever-expanding, and I try to list out some of the funnier or more precious sayings and mispronounciations. Of course, I can never remember them all.

I can say that at 3.5, the girls still have a bit of trouble anchoring their words and will stick a “d” or a “t” sound in the middle to create two syllables in a two-syllable word. Most interestingly, they have a different language development, so that while one has trouble pronouncing words with “fs” in them, the other pronounces them well. That one, instead, has trouble with “rs” whereas the other never stumbles over the sound. So that while one says “fruit” like “sloot” the other says “fruit” like “fuwoot.”

One of them mixes up sound syllables so that “medicine” becomes “mecidine,” “animal” becomes “aminal,” and, my personal favorite: “beautiful” becomes “beufidal.” The other usually corrects her.



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