What’s Important?

I’m sure no one labors under the misapprehension that I’m a good housewife, but in case you thought I had this under control, here are some reminders.

I can’t grow things. Ever.


I also cannot line up pictures, apparently. But you get the point. Anyway, these don’t look so bad, do they? Well, they’re supposed to be flowers. They’ve completely stopped growing and the one in the pink turned yellow. Sigh. I don’t know. I water them. I put them out in the sunlight. It’s not like they’re high maintenance. They’re in a two-inch pot. Not that hard to take care of. Fail.

Even funnier (now, not at the time), I can cook, but I make awful, horrible mistakes all the time as I grow in that department. Now, I’m not talking about last night’s pork, which was awful and drowned in salt (though maybe I should be.) No, I’m talking about how I set a fire in my oven. A real fire. Flames. Lots of flames.



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2 Responses to What’s Important?

  1. stephicakes says:

    I can’t grow anything EITHER, despite watering it. Do you have to do other stuff to it?lol. I am inept.

  2. dearfriends says:

    Oh my, from an “older sister” (much older)–I can’t grow things either, just made a deal with a green thumb’er to start some plants for me. I usually do well in the kitchen, until I flub it–and then it is usually quite something–awful. Dusting is only when I can write “I love you” across the shelf. The dog likes to lick the flour off the floor and I lose things in the refrigerator. After all that–it’s nice to be able to say that my grown kids remember the times we laughed and had adventures–ah, priceless. Did I say thank you for this lovely little post that makes so many of us feel so good? All the best, Barb

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