Once-ler Upon a Time

The Lorax is an awesome movie.

Now, maybe it’s because this is the only movie I’ve seen all year (I think I saw two movies in the whole of 2011…I don’t get out much anymore), or maybe my tastes have muted, having been subjected to hours of Dora and Max and Ruby…but, really, kids’ movies just keep getting better and better, don’t you think?

I would confidently say that any kids’ movie released in the past five or ten years is better than any adult comedy.

There’s such an art to making movies, and kids’ movies especially, because they have to span the entire audience. The writers have to engage not only the kids for whom the movie is intended (and try engaging a three year old for an hour and a half…it’s not easy), but also the weary parents dragging their kids there, or the well-intended grandparents who want to do something nice with the children and probably need a break from “my favorite game is asking you a billion non-stop questions.”



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1 Response to Once-ler Upon a Time

  1. Halahtoo says:

    I think that’s true; my boyfriend and I, even without kids, have taken to going to kids movies. The Lorax has such a great moral. I wrote about it here if you’re curious: http://littlelessonslearned.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/lesson-26-unless-someone-like-you-cares-a-whole-awful-lot-nothing-is-going-to-get-better-its-not-the-onceler/

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