What I Learned from the Pediatric Dentist

The visit went well. I learned they’ll need braces at age 12, but what kid doesn’t these days?

Here are some things I found out that may be of help to someone out there:

1) Yes, you’re supposed to teach your children to brush their teeth, but you’re not supposed to actually let them do it. That makes sense. I taught the kids how to do it, and then, when I was satisfied with their attempts, I let them do it by themselves. End of story. Apparently I’m supposed to follow up after them. I should have known that, but I didn’t. Maybe you didn’t either. (The dentist said get in there and scrub like you’re cleaning a toilet bowl. I may have used different words, to be honest.)

2) You’re supposed to be flossing their teeth. At three. I will try. I cannot promise anything, but this just seems like it’s got disaster written all over it.

3) No sippy cups for anything but water. This was a revelation.


About parentwin

Parent of twins, blogger, writer and journalist. I write things. Sometimes people even read them.
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