Learning to Lie

“Mama, I don’t have any blueberries left. I ate them all.”

“Oh, really, do you want more?”

As my daughter dissolves into giggles, I realize I’ve fallen prey to yet another toddler lie. The toddler lie is adorable, but it comes loaded. What do you do with the toddler lie?

“Mama, I didn’t just go poop in the potty?”

“Well, that’s so strange, since I can smell you from way over here.”

Another giggle fit. Lying is hilarious fun, isn’t it?

“Mama, I can’t find my cookie!”

“Isn’t it behind your back?”

“No.” She pushes out one empty hand. “See?”

“Oh, what about your other hand?”

The first hand goes behind the back, she switches, then thrusts the other hand at me. “See?”

“I do see. Maybe I should check, myself.”

“No!” Giggle fit.

So how much lying is allowed before you have to have ‘the talk?’ How much of it is fun and games? How much of it is their brains growing, their minds expanding to capture new thoughts and ideas? How much of it is creativity that ought not be stifled? Where is the line?

I don’t know. Right now, it’s all harmless fun, and I play along. I’ll let you know if this was a mistake in ten years.


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