Toddler Tricks – 74: Keep Them Involved

Problem: There is an occasion or event going on in which your child is not the main player. They are, of course, using this opportunity to make themselves as annoying as possible to try to, yet again, be the center of attention. They are on the verge of bringing down the whole thing with their bad mood.


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2 Responses to Toddler Tricks – 74: Keep Them Involved

  1. phlored says:

    Ha ha! If only you could get my wife to understand this concept! 🙂 I treat my kids like they’re my best friends and they always want to be around me and always do what I ask. My wife treats them like they’re soldiers and they’re continually insubordinate. LOL. Good link.

    • parentwin says:

      I think you definitely need a little of both. The soldiers thing has never really worked for me, as much as I would love it to. So, I try to be understanding until they start getting totally illogical, then I have to lay down the law.

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