Happy Day

One of the best things about having young children is their ability to increase your enjoyment of festive occasions simply by being excited about it themselves.

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and the girls couldn’t have been more psyched for it. We had a countdown, starting from five days, and each morning, they made me do the subtraction on my fingers and helped me figure out how many days left until Daddy’s party.

The entire day was spent in preparation and anticipation of the big event when he got home. And by big event, I mean the four of us sitting down to dinner, then having cake and presents. They were beside themselves with glee.

The moment he stepped in the door, they dragged him to go see the cake they’d helped me make. When it was time for presents, they made sure we all had party hats.

As adults, the birthday fervor pretty much fades, but young kids don’t allow it.

They helped blow out the candles.

And the cake! They ate that cake like they were starving for it. Two pieces each!


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